Opfer der gegenwart

Image©Tiziano Ornaghi

People often forget or simply want to forget history. We live in a society where fictitious and colorless beauty models reign supreme: you cannot expect that people living in such a society devote their time to dope out what has been compared to darwinian selection, namely Aktion T4. These people go about snatching the latest I phone model, whiling away on social networks, going public on personal tragedies and gorging on holidays. Money trumps primordial life.Models we feed off are artificial, sterile, unattainable and perfect. Opfer der Gegenwart aims at reassessing the meaning of beauty reshaping it. What is pitched as beautiful is actually a social construct: page after page of lowly women’s mags simply conveys a distorted image of beauty. Women debasing themselves in search of cachet. As Erich Fromm used to say, having over being, image over essence and no place for the persona. A woman is a good, weak on knowledge but strong on sights!
What is not deemed beautiful is seen, not ogled, despised as alien, not included, unexalted, noncompetitive in the public arena. Just like those poor souls banned and forgotten in asylums.
These are people who live off their inner feelings, streams of strong emotions gushing out and finding no outlet. I set out to redeem these fellow human beings through images of mine, gift for their souls to radiate their beauty.

Ophelia Queen

thanks to
Tiziano Ornaghi, Photographer
Massimo & Maurizio for their human qualities

Expo: Patissima 2010(Turin), Abnormals Gallery (Berlin and Poznan)