After Emotions

Director of Photography- Matteo Forlì

Sensitive to what the woman is, the project aims to disprove that the female figure represent today in our system. The technology, the frenzy, the greed of money led to the woman a commodify eliminating any kind of emotion and value. The body is use and makes use. True Femininity, elegance and privacy is not considered. Woman “of the past” disappears. The audiens increases and enriches the body becomes bleak and indigestible, proposed in all forms: sexuality is powered and is expressed in exchange for a monetary reward. So a large proportion of women willing to do anything, consequence of “improved” economic independence and experience
throughout history. It legislates for the family, the false-family, for gay rights, talking and looking for a way to make euthanasia lawful, but no law intervenes in time to prevent certain abuses are not implemented. It is not poverty but all this is happening inside the apartment property, the lush cars, the designer clothes and holidays in the tropics. Technologically advanced era of consumerism but who is frail and helpless is attacked, raped physically and psychologically, permanent mark that no money or career may remove and that, unfortunately, nobody sees, protects, reassures. No way, shame, disgust, fear. There is not protection. It takes the crime, because this is visible on the skin. You have to let rape, arriving with signs clearly visible in the body to denounce? The history is full of hints about, as in the Code of Hammurabi, where she was judged and exposed to strong accusations to the conviction through the drowning. The punishment
becomes “necessari” self-imposed or assigned. Woman suffers psychologically "'education” to say nothing, especially if they lived in the home. The concept of violence is confused with the word “love” and is repeatedly inflicted by their spouses, both mentally and physically, reaching in extreme cases, to the death. Is robbed of dignity without which there is an apparent reason that would justify such a harassment by those who would love, defending, respecting.
What remains of a woman?
Remains contempt for one’s body that she herself considered dirty. The inability to build, feeling inadeguate and absent. Ghosts scary dreams occupy the future, various symptoms and not the result affect the conduct of daily life that are felt heavily. You hear screams coming from inside, from your state of mind that you can’t silence and that are recurring over time, years, forever! Performative structure: The performance takes shape in space is completely neutral. Represents the mind of Donna Viola, EMPTY, faced with a “closed door”. No disturbing element diverts attention from what you want to describe but the subject is moving to
take shape within the space, the place that outlines the cage in which she lived experience. No lifelines, is alone with her emotionally dark, relentless, dizzying, abuse.

First stage: ANXIETY
Woman enters the space accompanied by persecutory tone of his tormentor. He felt as if pursued, trying to escape the voices that still echo in his mind. Try to "clean up” of the fingerprints, the markings on the body, are well aware that now lives inside the body. Woman drag so spasmodic, clonic, still sore.
Second stage: AWARENESS
Woman seeks refuge in a corner of the place where he resides, taking autistic movements, repetitive and “comforters”. Simulates the fetal position, as if in the womb rediscover peace of mind. He does not speak. Does not scream her pain. Not crying. Reject her sex now cancel, terminate, covering almost like not to belong. He looks around, recognizing the scene recovering what remained of her around, her belongings scattered on the round
Stage three: THE REVIEW
The third stage is the final phase, behind a black cloth discovers a mirror which reflects his face whitened to deceive. Fixed his eyes and use the towel to cover it, forever. Sudden a sheet belonging to another culture but symbolically accident on the role attributed to it. The resignation is the negation of women, covering the shame of being. Only his eyes are uncovered, a sign of someone who has seen and heard…

©ophelia queen